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[toggle Gaming] Presents: Tabletop Tuesday – Every Tuesday

Every Tuesday at Durty Nellie’s, join [toggle Gaming] for some tabletop gaming, delicious food,
craft beer, and great people!  Each week brings in 90+ gamers who get together to celebrate the
wonderful hobby of tabletop gaming.  [tG] supplies a library of over 300 titles, which are all free
to play, so it is easy to find a game for anyone!  Some of the popular titles include Catan, Spyfall,
Carcassonne, King of Tokyo, Lords of Waterdeep, Splendor, Tsuro, Dead of Winter,
The Resistance, and many others.  Gaming goes from 6PM to 12AM, making it possible to leave

early, arrive late, or stay the whole time!

Not familiar with many games?  Not a problem!  Plenty of the gamers are happy to teach.  Come
on by, grab a pint, roll some dice / play some cards / collect some cubes, enjoy some table time
with other fantastic people, and toggle your inner geek!
Drop in, drink up, play on!

For more information about this and other [toggle Gaming] events visit