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Mungion, Chachuba

Friday, March 3rd
Durty Nellies
180 N. Smith St.
Palatine, IL 60067


Based out of Chicago, Illinois, Mungion, a boundless quintet that delivers musical eargasms of astronomical proportion to their listeners ears while simultaneously scrambling their eggs has landed. Mungion’s Musical Hijinx smells better than the aura of children of New Hope. May your ears ever be non-inverted, Their music was grown with fertile soil and tastes like yesteryears greens of collards so come take a bite.

Mungion’scompostional prowess topped with their ability to produce danceable uncanny improvisations obliterate the very concept of boundaries in the live setting. A bastard love child of The Headhunters, Aquarium Rescue Unit, Frank Zappa, Primus, Phish, Dixie Dregs, Chick Corea, SLAYER, and MMW, this quartet of musical brothers blends intricate compositions with jams that will get your tail feathers shakin! This Musical Circus plays for the love of captivating the moment as well as pushing each other and their audience to the outer limits.

Chachuba is a four piece trance, electronic, jam band. Based heavily upon improvisation, live looping, and live drums and guitar, Chachuba aims to get the crowd moving with all live instrumentals. Always looking for ways to add more diversity to their music, Chachuba brings it using a variety of genres. Based out of the city of Chicago, Chachuba aims to start a movement with their music, love, community, and feelings.

“Finally came Sunday, the day most folks were anticipating. Kicking it off was relatively new Jamtronica group Chachuba. They layed down some funky riffs and tantalizing synths. Look out for this band in years to come, I have a feeling this is only the beginning for Chachuba.” Ray John Summer Set Music Festival review.

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